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Antique french translation clock by Henry Lepaute. Oak case, enamel dilapidate signed: 'Henry Lepaute, 5, Rue HalÚvy'.

In the train station of the  romanian mountain village Baile-Herculane is an original Paul Garnier railway-clock (horloge de Gare) still operational in the waiting room. This clock drives the 2-sided wall clock on the platform. The oak clock case is standing raised on an marble panel. See pictures.
Henry Lepaute, 5 Rue HalÚvy
ca 1870

Belgian longcase clock, signed 'Jacobus Willemore Anvers', ca. 1710, goes for almost 2 months. Height 2,50 mtr. Jacobus Willemore was working in Antwerp and in Mechelen (Malines) from 1704-1711 and came from England.<BR/><BR/>Jacob Willmore was clockmaker and instrumentmaker.<BR/>The pilars and windingkey have a typical form specific for this maker.<BR/>In 1706 he made 4 dials for the Sint-Romboutstoren in Mechelen that had a diameter of 13.7 meter.<BR/>Clocks from this famous maker can be found in:<BR/>Stedelijk Museum Vander Kelen Leuven<BR/>
Universiteitsbibliotheek Leuven<BR/>Bibliotheek van de Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
Jacobus Willemore, Anvers
ca. 1710

Auto-winded. Movement with one-minut-remontoir. 1,98 x 0,55 x 0,40 mtr.
The movement is a special edition of a Ungerer or Schwilgue from Strasbourg, ca. 1890 and has a 60-seconds-remontoir. The escapement is driven by a spring, that is winded every minute by the weight. The forces on the Graham escapement are now constant (force constant).
The automated winding system is hidden under and behind the clockcase. The winding happens every 4 to 5 hours and takes circa 20 seconds.
The case is made of high quality anodic treated aluminium with 8 mm glass in the sides and a 6 mm glass door.
The antique hands-system is driven by the movement on the back of the clock.
The electronics need 220 V.

Dutch musical longcase clock, signed: 'Jacobus van der Hegge, Den Haag', ca 1750. Dutch striking and musical: 15 hamers on 8 bells, 4 melodies. height 2,80 mtr
Jac. vd Hegge, Den Haag
ca. 1750