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large golden pocket watch key with big citrine

dimensions: 82 x 51 mm
citrine: 41 x 32 x 20 mm
gold citrine pocket watch key
golden pocket watch key with citrine

dimensions: 62 x 40 mm
gold citrine pocket watch key
Large gold pocket watch key with a mourning sceen in hair of a deceased person on both sides.

dimensions: 61 x 39 mm
Gold pocket watch hair mourning key
Large gold pocket watch key with a mourning sceen in hair of a deceased person

dimensions: 72 x 48 mm
Antique Memento Mori mourning watch key
gilded pocket watch key with agate

dimensions: 93 x 56 mm
agate pocket watch key
Antique Dutch silver large, caged and repoussé key with two hinges. On one side a cow and on the other side a man on a horse.

dimensions: 75 x 54 mm
Antique Silver dutch pocket watch key
Rare silver bimetallic thermometer, fine enamel dial with graduations in Fahrenheit and Reaumur and indications
Courvoisier & Compagnie, thermomètre
Antique silver watch, signed on enamel dial, inner gilded backlid and backplate movement.
J.A. de Wolf, Middelburg
ca. 1810
Antique silver Zenith chronograph pocket watch.
Movement with central seconds-hand, swiss lever escapement with fine-regulation.
ca. 1900-1920
Antique french watch stand with front of an antique oignon watch. ca 1730
porte-montre, watch-stand
'Hollandse Horloges' van 1580-1790 written by Cees Peeters (written in Dutch).
328 pages. Only 500 copies.
ISBN 978-90-74083-03-4
Registered mail Netherlands: € 10,-
Registered mail EUR1: € 25,-
Registered mail EUR2: € 30,-
Registered mail USA: € 35,-
€ 145,-
Cees Peeters

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SOLD Pocket Watches
Antique silver verge dutch pocket watch by William Gib, Rotterdam, nr 1325, Jillian and Gregorian Calendar (OS=old style and NS= new style) 11 days difference, moon with high tie, mock pendulum.
Gib, William, Rotterdam
ca 1700
Antique silver verge pocket watch by E. Baudouin, Rotterdam. Silver dial, date, mock pendulum.
E. Baudouin, Rotterdam
Antique pair case alarm verge watch, signed: 'van Ceulen le Jeune, Haghe', ca. 1700
van Ceulen le Jeune, Haghe
ca. 1700
Antique skeleton watch with dutch style silver skeletonised dial. Movement signed: 'Warren 110'. second case hallmarked London 1769. Diameter 48mm.
Antique rare 'french revolution' decimal pocket watch. The hourhand goes round ones in 24 hours. ca. 1793.
J. Hentschel, Colmar
montre décimal, 1793
Antique well preserved triple cased watch with shagreen outercase, second repousee case and original silver chatelaine with lackstamp and key. Innercase has London hallmarks of 1754 and Tarts silversmith stamp. Gilded movement with dutch bridge. Diameter 62 mm.
Tarts, London
Decimal pocket watch, diameter 52mm. 1793-1800
Piere Le Roy a Paris
Verge fusee watch from 's Hertogenbosch or 'den Bosch' in the Netherlands. ca. 1790-1800. Diameter 55 mm
Fs. Gosteely - Bois le Duc
Rare German 8-day verge watch. The movement has an extra wheel between the fusee and the minute-wheel. The direction of the fusee has turned for this. Both cases have 3 hallmarks of a bear or lion, a stamp '14' and a stamped name 'DUBOIS'. Diameter 51 mm.
G.W. Bolte, Rinteln
ca. 1750
Red gold pocket watch quarter repeating. Silver engine turned dial with excentric seconds-hand. Signed: 'Vittu à Clermont'.
Vittu, Clermont
ca 1820
Gilded pair cased watch has a fine enamel lady-portret in silver ornament with 'rhine'-stones. Gilded movement and enamel dialplate both signed 'Bordier a Geneve'. ca 1780, diameter 36 mm.
Bordier, Geneve
ca. 1780
Fine quarter striking verge movement in gold case (3 colors). ca 1780. Movement and enamel dialplate signed 'Isaac Soret & Fils'. Diameter 37 mm.
Gold enamelled case with pearls and diamonds, virgule-escapement, with original gold green enamelled chatelaine with pearl, key and lackstamp. Lépine number 2043. A similar watch withoud diamonds was given by Napoleon to Comtesse de la Bédoyère (collectie Chateaux de la Malmaison, see book 'Jean-Antoine Lépine, horloger 1720-1814' by Adolphe Chapiro). Diameter 38 mm. Box length 310 mm.
Jean-Antoine Lépine
ca. 1780
Decorative gilded 'leton' verge watch. Enamel dialplate. Fine enamel painting on backside (small restoration in bleu rim). Unsigned movement. Diameter 54 mm.
ca. 1800
Silver verge watch with goldpainting. ca 1800
ca. 1800
Silver verge fusee watch with date and excentric dial, 'grisaille' painted enamel. Diameter 58 mm
ca. 1800
Typical case and dial, partly engineturned and enamel with blue decorations. Diameter 50 mm
Berthoud, Paris
ca. 1795
Silver verge fusee watch with silver cock in horse-form. Silver movement protection cover with glass window. Diameter 52 mm
ca. 1800
Nice all arround engraved case, unusual repeating movement. Diameter 51 mm.
ca. 1820
Large watch with swiss lever escapement, dialplate signed 'Magnien & Cie, Verdun-sur-le-Doubs' et 'Horlogerie Militaire'. Diameter 67 mm
Magnien & Cie, Verdun
ca. 1860-80
Golden quarter repeater with ruby-cylinder escapement, temperature compensation en parachute-shock-system. Engineturned silver and gold dialplate. Signed: 'Foulon'. Diameter 59 mm.
ca. 1820
Case: outer case - brass/gilt, leather cover, outer case - 22K gold, mythological scene in repoussé technique
I. Kover. London
ca. 1750
Case: outer case - silver, florally engraved, pierced, à goutte, five-piece lateral hinge, inner case - silver, finely engraved and pierced with flower tendrils, a grotesque face and a maritime scene, signed movement protection cap. Dial: enamel, radial Roman numerals, Louis XV hands. Movm.: finely full plate movement, keywind, frosted, gilt, applied engraved ornaments, chain/fusee, 2 barrels, 2 hammers/1 bell, round pillars, signed, blued screws, three-arm brass balance, very finely florally engraved pierced balance cock, silver regulator disc.
Paine, London
ca. 1740
English paircase vergewatch with date indication, ownersname 'WILLIAM WESSON' as hour indication. Movement signed 'William Brown, London' Diameter 57 mm. London hallmarks of 1789.
William Brown, London
Heavy solid 18K gold centre seconds minute chronograph with power reserve indication (up/down 30 hours)
Fine heavy 18k Chester hallmarked watch, signed:

'Tho. Russell & Son, makers to the Queen, Liverpool, No 65276'.

Chester hallmarks 'U' and makerstamp 'J.D' or 'J.O'. Enamel dialplate with 'up/down indicator has no chips or hairlines. Central seconds hand (stopwatch function). 18K inner lid, lever escapement. Diameter 57 mm. In good running condition.
Tho. Russell & Son, Liverpool
Silver verge fusee watch, enamel dial, silver hands with Rhin-stones, ajour innercase. ca. 1720. Diameter 49 mm.
Gedeon Rigaud, London
ca 1720
Paircased vergewatch has on both cases London hallmarks of 1787. The enamel dialplate has gold hours, the minutes, date and signature are red enamelled. Steel hands. Diameter 69 mm.
Beefield, London
Large gilded double face watch. On one side an enamel dial with central seconds. The other side has an enamel dial with hour/minutes, moon days, adjustment and a signature of 'Benj.n Ward, London'. Diameter 80 mm, total length 106 mm, weight ca. 300 gr.
Ward, Benjamin, London
ca. 1780
English pair case silver repoussé verge pocket watch, signed: 'Leydon, London', ca 1760. Diameter 50 mm
Leydon, London
ca. 760
English pair cese verge repoussé verge pocket watch, signed: 'May, London', ca 1760. Diameter 50 mm
May, London
ca. 1760
French vergewatch signed: 'Lenoir a Lyon, nr.164'. Enamel dial with gilded hands. Diameter 48 mm
Lenoir, Lyon
ca. 1720
High quality pocket watch from Louis Audemars made for Charles Oudin.Louis Audemars case serial number 9189 dating the watch 1863-64. Golden inner lid has Charles Oudin number 19699, Horloger de la Marine, Palais Royal 52, Paris. Medailles de 1806 a 1862. Enamel dial plate has day-, month-, date-- and moon indication. Backlid has WFS monogram.
Charles Oudin. Paris
ca. 1864
Captains silver verge pocket watch with double dials, date, enamel  goldpainted dialplate, signed 'Courvoisier & Comp'. ca 1800
Courvoisier & Comp
ca. 1800
Case is totally engraved, Full jewelled, No 40643.
Dimier Frères & C, Fleurier
ca. 1840
Zwitsers gilded verge 'Oignon' pocket watch, signed 'Amed Marchand a Geneve'. ca 1700
Amed Marchand, Geneve
ca. 1700
Ulysse Nardin chronometre rattrapante (split-second chronograph) 'deck watch' in original box. Serienummer 127442. Enamel dial writes: 'Ulysse Nardin Locle Suisse, Chronomètre, 127442'
In perfect condition.
Ulysse Nardin, deck watch
Silver pocket watch with Dutch Coat of Arms from the shop of P. Kielstra, Groningen.
P. Kielstra, Groningen
ca. 1900
Antique silver puritan pocket watch with date-indication and silver outer case by Jan Janss Bockels, Hage.
He was the first watchmaker in den Hage. His father, Jan Janss Bockels, came from Aachen and worked in Haarlem around 1600. His brother Mathijs worked also in Haarlem.
The son Jan Janss Bockels started working in den Haag in 1626.
Jan Janse Bockels, Hage (den Haag)
Strikes every hour and on request quarters and hours. ca. 1720. Steven Hoogendijk (1698-1788) was the son of Adriaan Hoogendijk and Elisabeth Stacy, daughter of the Rotterdam clockmaker Steven Stacy. Diameter 57mm.
Steven Hoogendijk, Rotterdam
ca. 1720
Jan Verhoeven was probably also working in Dordrecht. This silver watch has a typical dutch mork pendulum with inscription: 'Godt geeft u segen' (God blesses you), No hallmarks. Outer case diameter 60mm.
Jan Verhoeven. Sommelsdijk
Antique silver pair case pocket watch with enamel cartouche in the back. 
Verge movement in typical Rotterdam style with mock pendulum under silver bridge. Bridge with cupid and text 'DE EENDRACHT'.
Enamel dutch style dial. Pilars with silver ornaments. 
Signed: 'P. v. Den Bergh, 78, Rotterdam'.
Pieter van den Bergh, Rotterdam
ca. 1740
Silver pair cased Dutch verge pocket watch by Cornelis Uijterweer, Rotterdam, no 213 (also known as: Cornelius Uyterweer).

Gilded movement with mock pendulum under silver bridge with text 'ZY IS VER VAN DAN' (the loved one is far away).
Both cases have a crowned M as makers mark.
The silver dial plate has the signature VITERWEER, ROTERDAM, date view and steel hands.
Diameter 58 mm
Cornelis Uyterweer, Rotterdam
ca. 1730-40
Antique pair cased pocket watch with silver Dutch dial, signed D.F. Kehlhof, Amsterdam'
D.F. Kehlhof, Amsterdam
ca. 1740
Verge pocket watch with date by J.P. Kroese, Amsterdam.
Outer 3rd case made of silver and brass, originale leather covered, now only the silver nails with some leather. 2nd case of casted silver, signed: Mauris Fecit.
1st case of silver with silversmith hallmark D.G.
Outer diameter 3rd case is 64 mm
J.P. Kroese, Amsterdam
ca 1725
Antique silver pair case pocket watch from 'Daniël Soeterik, Breda'. Movement with mock-pendulum in Rotterdam tradition. Dutch dial with date indication. Movement in Rotterdam tradition, signed: 'D. Soeterik, Breda, 85'. Daniël Soeterik was a son of 'Daniël Soeterik' senior and 'Johanna Warnier', geboren 23-11-1711 in Dordrecht and was married with 'Jacoba van Breda'. Diameter ca 52 mm.
Daniël Soeterik, Breda
ca. 1750
Antique dutch silver pair case verge pocket watch by Willem Dadelbeek, Utrecht. ca 1740
Original silver dial with date indication. Silver casted outer case signed
Willem Dadelbeek, Utrecht
ca 1740
Antique dutch silver pair case verge pocket watch by C. Uyterweer, Rotterdam, N 275,. ca 1740 
Original silver dial with date indication. Silver casted outer case, mock pendulum with latin text:
Cornelis Uyterweer, Rotterdam, N 275
ca 1740
Antique Dutch silver large, caged and repoussé key with two hinges. Both sides have the same geometric ornamentation

dimensions: 73 x 56 mm
Silver dutch repousse pocket watch
Antique golden pocket watch key with a mourning sceen in hair of a deceased person on both sides.

dimensions: 65 x 45 mm
Memento Mori mourning watch key
Big golden remember-me watch key with hair and pearl decoration

dimensions: 79 x 52 mm
Antique Memento Mori mourning watch key

100 houten porte montres
ca. 1760-1800
Antique silver pair cased pocket watch, signed: 'Viet à Rotterdam'.
Repouse outer case with enamel medallion. Verge movement with typical Rotterdam mock pendulum engraved in Louis XIV style. Dutch style silver champlevé dial with date indication.
Diameter 53 mm.
Viet à Rotterdam
ca. 1730
Antique silver pair case pocket watch in english style with enamel dial, steel hands. Makers initials J.H in inner case. Repair or seller paper in outer case writes: 'M.J. Erdtsieck, Horologiemaker, Gierstraat no. 784, het 3de huis van de Magdelenastraat, Haarlem'
Jan Hankels (Henkels)
ca 1750
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